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Annual Day 2014

Secondary and Tertiary Girls

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sentosa outing 2014


Alhamdulilah, Saturday 1st November 2014, our entire secondary & tertiary level made a trip down to Sentosa for a picnic by the seaside. We had games organised by the students for the students. All the girls got to know each other from different classes through this activities and had lots of fun playing the games as a team. Everyone brought food to share with each other, it was a potluck! Some even tried cooking by themselves for their beloved madrasah mates. We organize such events every year, for the girls to mingle with each other across the level, to cultivate the act of sharing and to teach them the importance of teamwork. It is also a great opportunity to have a relaxed & fun time with their friends, apart from the busy daily live routines. Adding on, we gave rewards to students from each class, for those with good attendance for the month. Here are some pictures for you: