Iftar 2013


IMSSA has been organizing the Iftars for the past 6 years. IMSSA collaborates with RCs and CCs to organize the Iftar and through this; it provides a common ground to foster inter-racial and inter-religious understanding. This year we organized these iftars at Masjid An-Nahdhah (Bishan), Blk 43 Chai Chee Road (Bedok), Jelutung CC (Sembawang, 05/08/2013) and Kebun Baru CC (Ang Mo Kio, 12/08/2013). However this year was significant because we organized two mass Iftars in the northern part of Nee Soon (Jelutung CC Hardcourt) and in Kebun Baru CC.

The IMSSA volunteers from various age group collaborated to help to make the mass iftar successful. Volunteers stayed from morning till night to help in the preparations the day before the iftar. Some of the boys even stayed overnight to safe keep the items. On the day of the event, the tertiary girls came in the morning and helped out with the preparations such as cutting, packing and setting up the sitting arrangements for the breaking fast. They also stayed after the iftars to clean the places.

Through this iftars, the values of the IMSSA organisations will be reached among our youngsters. Being a part of the iftar teaches our students the value of integrity. They learned to stay united and work as a team throughout the event process. Making a small mistake can hinder the entire process of the iftar preparations, thus our students voice the right and the wrong to make the process more smooth flowing. This teaches the value of honesty. The preparations was not an easy process, there were a lot of ups and downs, but our students learned to deal the troubles calmly and patiently, thus teaching them the value of patience.

Being diligent was important as without diligence we could not have made the mass iftars successful. Each student put in their efforts to make the iftar at the best of it. To make the iftar more smooth flowing, zones were divided to specific classes. The classes were responsible for their zones in arranging the food, welcoming the guest and serving them at their best behaviour. Through doing this the students were able to learn the value of being responsible and showing humanity.

Thus, the iftar was not only a time where people gather to break fast, but there are many valuable lessons learnt, bringing and nurturing the best characters out of students. This helps our students to gather, learn their values and serve the community at their best characters. In Shaa'Allah, May Allah bless all their efforts and guide them in the righteous path. Ameen.

Do look out for our Iftars in 2014!