Hear from our students

"I've been in Madrasah for more than 5 years. I have learnt a lot in these years, Indeed, it has made into a better person. I have learnt how to be more patient & respectful towards people. Every week I look forward to come Madrasah as I feel very peaceful over here spending my time learning about Islam in the Masjid. I have made many friends here, where I eagerly look forward to spend time with them every Sunday! To whomever whose planning to join Madrasah, do NOT have any second thoughts as I guarantee you that you will definitely see a positive difference and will learn many new every week that might help you in the future, In shaa Allah!" - Annisha from Sec 3

"Firstly Madrasah has definitely made me a better muslim in terms of fulling my duties in Islam such as fasting,praying, reciting the Quran & understanding its meaning. Before coming to Madrasah, I used to just fast and pray without knowing why, only knew it was mandatory. Alhamdulilah, now I know the reasons & the punishments we will face in the afterlife when we don't fulfill these duties as a Muslim. I joined Madrasah when I was was Sec2, its been 2 years now, I have met so many friends and ustazahs who have inspired me in so many ways. I always look forward to my Sundays! Apart from this, I love the events organized such as annual days, camps & iftars, we always look forward to them as it will be so fun and a good time to get to know each other,as well as to learn about islamic teachings. We don't see each others as friends but as sisters..we live like a family here in Yishun madrasah with so much of love. I really enjoy coming madrasah despite living quite far away from Yishun. Lastly, I encourage every single Muslimah to join our Madrasah, it will really groom you into a better muslim in life. Futhermore, you will meet many good souls. Thus, once you join our family, I assure you, you will never want to leave. In Sha Allah, Do come and join our family soon...Islam is beautiful so as those who come to learn about it." - Humseera from Sec 4

"To be honest, I wasn’t very much interested in joining back madrasah, because I was clueless how it going to be. As far as I know, my previous batch is no more in madrasah. Although I didn’t really know anyone when I joined tertiary class, I got to know everyone after joining the class. I believe my Quran recitation and surah memorization has been improving every week. Ustazah is always there to motivate me when I feel like giving up.This year camp was different as compared to previous experiences of madrasah camp. There were many activities such as skit, speech competition, helping out at health care event and sports day. Apart from so much of fun and laughter we had, I have learnt many useful things. For instance, I participated in skit which was about Hijab. I learnt the importance of wearing hijab and the benefits of being modest. By participating in a such skit, I overcame my stage fear. Thanks to those who had given me the opportunity. There was also speech competition among secondary level students. I was amazed by some of the student’s speech. All these activities motivated me to do well and I hope to participate more in upcoming events. I look forward to more of madrasah camp.Through this year Iftars, I felt the satisfaction of helping out for many people by packing the food for them. The feeling of helping thousands of people is beyond words can describe. All our hard work and efforts made the Iftars a successful one. It was good to see how happily everyone broke fast with the food we prepared for them. Most importantly, I am very proud to say that our class worked together as one throughout the Iftar. We stick to one another as a class in helping, cleaning and whichever way we had contributed in. Finally, I find this class very bonded with one another. They made sure none of us feel left out I am definitely gifted to have Sofiah ustazah as our class teacher. She is such a friendly and caring ustazah I have came across. She has never failed to advice and motivate us. It has been exactly 9months since I joined this class, I am so glad to be where I am now. Alhamdulilah"-  Shariba from Tertiary 

I love coming to madrasah a lot! It is a great platform for all muslims to have a better understanding of Islam and to learn how to apply it in their daily lives. We have many exciting programmes like Qiraath competitions and learning journeys. Apart from that, I look forward to our Annual Day, yearly, it is to recognize the efforts of students who have been performing well consistently throughout the year, with a token of appreciation and to encourage their peers to achieve it the next time. Outstanding students are chosen by our senior ustazahs to be promoted and to become future ustazahs. This is great form of motivation to showcase our talents and also to share our knowledge with fellow peers. We have a very strong bonding with our ustazahs and classmates, we are like a family. Indeed, it is a blessing & I feel thankful to have been a part of Madrasah As-soabereen.
Thus, dear muslimahs out there, In sha Allah! please come join our madrasah as­soabereen family to learn about Islam and to guide the future generations.
-Asika Thahsin from Sec2