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Annual Day 2014

Secondary and Tertiary Girls

Monday, 1 December 2014

Writer's corner- Modesty (Haya)


To me modesty is not just about donning the hijab, covering awrath and our maintaining our body image in front of others. Deep down, it has to do with personality. We live in a country so globalized, people tend to think we are behaving like slaves, wearing the hijab and burkha. They fail to realise how liberal we are. Besides the point of explaining that we are not backwards, people tend to fall prey to bad influences and adapt to it.

I see people behaving "overly" friendly with male friends. They go to the extend till they do not see anything wrong in having physical touch with each other. I would say I am friendly. But, there will always be a barrier between me and my male counterparts. I will not allow my male friends to touch me. As Allah has warned us in the Quran, to behave rightfully with a non mahram. I used to wonder at times, if I am isolating myself, until one day, a guy came up to me and said he respects me for not being like the rest and knowing where to draw the line. He also told me that it was because of this respect that the other guys know how to behave with me, by not having physical contact.

I am glad I did the right thing. I will continue to practice haya and will strive to become a better muslimah. In Sha Allah.

Ibn Al-Qayyim reported: Some of the righteous predecessors said, “You must follow the path of truth and do not be discouraged that so few are following it. You must beware of the path of falsehood and do not be deceived that so many are destroyed by it.” - Hadith

- Aniza Begum (Tertiary)

Writer's corner - Rasulullah (s.a.w) is our role model

Rasulullah s.a.w has the best of characters ,which we all should learn from. One of his finest qualities was his kindness. I'm trying to apply that in my life  too. Our beloved prophet (s.a.w) was kind to everyone regardless of whether they were nice to him or not. He treated his wives, neighbours and even strangers with respect & kindness. He always used to help them buy groceries or whatever they needed when he was going to the market. His kindness alone, has led many to accept Islam and to embrace it. Rasulullah s.a.w has won over many hearts with his kindness.

Thus, his kindness, has inspired me to apply it into my life as well. I've been trying to adopt this trait of his, by being more helpful to the people around me. Even an act as small as a smile, to our neighbours, is a form of kindness. As it has been said "Smile its Sunnah". Kindness can be practiced in our daily lives. For instance, if I'm in a crowded bus and when I see an elderly who has no space to sit, I immediately get up to give up my seat for him. This small act might not seem to be a great deed, but it might be, for the person whom we are doing this for.

Most importantly, in today's world, through some misleading media sources, muslims are often wrongly stereotyped as violent and harsh. It is greatly important for a muslim to show the society that we are not as such, violence is the total opposite of what Islam teaches us. Through acts of kindness, which is what Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) has preached, we can change the mindset of this society and show them that Islam means peace not violence.

- Shahnaz (Tertiary)

Rasulullah (s.a.w) was known as a man who portrayed as an excellent man with impeccable characters. He was well-liked even before he was known as our last prophet. Because of this, many accepted Islam and he was well-liked by the Muslim community. Every Muslim definitely strives to be like Rasulullah (s.a.w) who was well-liked by Allah (s.w.t). With an enormous magnitude of positive characters, surely it would be easy for us to pick one of his characters and apply it to our daily lives. Rasulullah (s.a.w) was mainly known as a honest man. To me, honesty is essential to gain trust, As such, I always uphold honesty. Trust is the basics for building any relationship be it friendship or marriage, nobody would like to befriend someone who lies. During difficult situations, which even could cost my friendship to be broken as a result, I would still maintain honesty. It does not matter to me even if one gossips about me as a result. After all, honesty is the best policy.

Another character of his, that I follow closely is patience. Since young, I have always been known to be patient given any situation. I guess herein lies the reason for my choice in being a healthcare professional. I must say that being patient all the time is just impossible despite my best efforts. There are times when I would head to my room to vent my anger, due to some people with unjust characters.

We have the Quran as our guidance to help us try to achieve those characters of the prophet (s.a.w). Firstly, I believe we have to be benevolent, always kind and caring to everyone. I hate discrimination. Everyone has to be treated equally, fair and just. I am not perfect,that is for sure. But I'm striving to attain the characters of Rasulullah(s.a.w). It is certainly one of my goals. There are many other characters of Rasulullah (s.a.w) that I admire. In Sha Allah, I hope to be a better person.

Aniza Begum (Tertiary)